About the Founder

Paige Johnson

I have focused my career on supporting teaching and learning with emphasis on transforming education through effective use of technology. I collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders – educators, government leaders, non-profits and vendors in order to help school systems meet their educational goals. I have worked

with school systems around the world to make their their learning environments more effective. As IT becomes more sophisticated, schools have more opportunities than ever to leverage analytics, AI, machine learning and other technologies to personalize their learning environments. 

I have a passion for volunteering with innovative groups of leaders. I currently serve on the NEA Foundation Board.

I was a member of the Steering Committee for the National Assessment Governing Board on Technological Literacy, defining the new framework for the 2012 NAEP Technology Literacy Assessment, and on the ISTE advisory group for development of the NETs standards, which provide a global standard for ICT literacy. 


As a former Chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21), I led a coalition that became the leading advocacy group focused on preparing students for the 21st century by emphasizing collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. I was a two-term board member of the International Society for Technology and Education (ISTE). 

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